About Us
Candles add so much to the home.  They provide wamth, and an artistic flair to any room.  They are a necessity for relaxation and added romance.  The aroma from a fine scented candle enhances any mood.  And they are always needed in emergency situations.  Candles have dated back from 3000 BC, and are a must in making your house a home. 

With all the benefits of candles they should be readily used and enjoyed.  Therefore, we offer a monthly box subscription so that you always have a candle in your home ready to use.  

We are committed to providing you with unique crafted candles that you will love.  Which is why we ask you to provide your preferences through our questionnaire located on the subscription page of the website. We take your preferences into consideration when assembling your montly box.

Making a differnce in our world is important to us at United City Candle Company.  We are commited to bringing all the people in cities around the world light.  With your help we are fighting the massive lack of electricity that exists in our world today.

Like us on Facebook and post pictures of your candles on Instagram and Facebook to raise awareness of our mission of lighting the world.  Be sure to use #uccandles.

Why natural candles?

We will send you only natural candles:  Either soy, beeswax, rapeseed, or palm candles.

Benefits include:
--Renewable (except beeswax)
--Long-burning (except for palm)

Harmful parrafin and gel candles

Paraffin and gel candles release harmful and toxic chemicals when burnt which can have harmful health consequences.